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Taglio laser fibra mod LP3015d.png

New line of Fiber Laser Cutting machines, machines completely assembled in Italy with the best components, characterized by greater precision than traditional Co2 lasers, a much finer beam that allows greater precision combined with very high speed and low consumption in terms of gas, electricity and exchangeable.


taglio laser fibra lp 3015 D.png
Touch screen .png

Touch screen control 

- Autofocus cutting head RayTools.png

Cuts head with with autofocus

Electric substation and chiller .png

Electric substation and chiller 

The observation window is equipped with a CE European standard laser protection glass.

The smoke produced by cutting can be filtered inside, it does not pollute the environment.

Taglio laser fibra.png

Vertical screen display, different from traditional horizontal screen with good response speed, higher contrast, wider view, low power consumption and high resolution.

laser fibra.png
autofocus laser fiber cutting head

Auto-focus cutting head
The software automatically adjusts the focusing mirror to control the height of the upper and lower laser head to automatically realize the drilling and cutting of different thickness plates

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