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Konzu machine tools, offers a wide selection of machine tools for chip removal and metalworking, parallel lathes of various makes and sizes. All the machines on display are currently available and have been selected to be viewed by those interested, below you will find the models on display with features and information.

GORNATI Parallel Lathe

LEGOOR 400 X 6000

LEGOOR 400X6000 lathes.png

We propose
Gornati Parallel Lathe

Mod LEGOOR 400 

Height of centres 400 mm

Distance between centres 6000 mm

Spindle bore 108 mm

Spindle speed 13/1000 rpm

Max. turning diameter 1090 mm 

Turning diameter on carriage mm 570

Bar passage 108 mm

Bench width 500 mm

Cam-lock spindle taper 0.1-11"

N speed 16

Machine weight 5000 kg 

Code 23103

GRAZIANO Parallel Lathe

SAG 14

Graziano parallel lathe mod sag 14.jpg

We offer 

GRAZIANO Parallel Lathe

Mod sag 14

Distance between centres 1000 mm

Height of centres 180 mm

Max. turning length 800 mm

Max. turning diameter 160 mm

Max. diameter above the bed 220 mm

Diameter above carriage 220 mm

Diameter in cutter 505 mm

Spindle nose CAM-LOCK type D 1-5′

Spindle bore 51 mm

Variable rotation speed 1500 rpm

Spindle motor power 4 kW

Overall machine dimensions L 2000 mm × w 800 mm × h 1400 mm

Machine weight 1400 kg

Code 240101

POTISJE Parallel Lathe

mod USA 200/1500

Parallel lathe POTISJE mod USA 200/1500 .jpg

We propose


Mod USA 200/1500 

Length from tip to tip 1500 mm
Tip height 200 mm 

Diameter above the bed 400 mm

Spindle nose CM4

Spindle bore diameter 76 mm 

Spindle bore diameter 76 mm 

Dimension display 

No. of speeds 12
Rotation speed 2000 rpm
Variable rotation speed 30/ 2000 rpm 

Motor power 5.5 kw 

Overall machine size L 3100 mm × w 1100 mm × h 1660 mm

Machine weight 1700 kg

Code 23138

Grazioli Parallel Lathe

Dania 250

Grazioli parallel lathe mod dania 250.jpg

We offer 

Grazioli Parallel Lathe

Mod Dania 250

Height of centres 250 mm

Distance between centres 2000 mm

Spindle bore 78 mm

Spindle speed 12/1400 rpm

Max. turning diameter on the bed 500 mm 

Diameter that can be turned on the carriage 318 mm

No. of speeds 24

Bench width 360 mm

Overall machine dimensions L 3000 mm x w 1300

x h 1200 mm

Machine weight 2500 kg 

Code 23124

Padovani Parallel Lathe


Parallel lathe PADOVANI mod LABOR 180 S .jpg

We offer 

Padovani Parallel Lathe

Mod Labor 180 S

Centres height 1800 mm

Distance between centres 1000 mm

Spindle bore 108 mm

Spindle speed 13/1000 rpm

Max. turning diameter on bed 360 mm 

Diameter that can be turned on the carriage 180 mm

Bar passage 51 mm

Spindle speed 40-180 rpm

Tailstock sleeve diameter 52 mm

Quill travel 170 mm

Machine weight 1000 kg 

Overall machine dimensions L 1850 mm x w 500 mm x h 1340 mm

Code 23103

OMG lathe


omg zanoletti lathe 400 x 2000

We propose 

OMG lathe

Mod  400 x 200 

Center height 400 mm

Distance between centers 2000 mm

Spindle hole 105 mm

Spindle speed 14/1000 rpm

Speed range 

Cod 02120

Pasquino Parallel Lathe

Euro 220 x 1500

Parallel lathe PASQUINO mod Euro 220 x 1500

we propose

PASQUINO parallel lathe

Mod Euro 220 x 1500

Point height 220 mm

Center distance 1500 mm

Spindle hole 46 mm

Diameter admitted on the bench 440 mm

Speed range 12 from 31.5 to 1500 rpm

Lead screw pitch 4 x 1'' threads

Code 2350

Parallel lathe PRECISE

TK 330 L

Parallel lathe Precise TK 330 L

we propose

Parallel lathe Precise

Model tk 330 L

Point height 165 mm

Center distance 1000 mm

Bar passage diameter 42 mm

Foot brake

Motor power 2.3 kW

Code 2349

Parallel lathe CMT

URSUS model 225 X 1500 mm

Tornio parallelo CMT URSUS mod 225 X 1500 mm.png

We propose 

Parallel lathe CMT

Mod URSUS  225 X 1500 mm 

Point height 225 mm

Center distance 1500 mm

Bar passage 105 mm

Turning diameter above the bench 455 mm

No. of spindle speeds 16

Display shown  

code 2331

Comec lathe

TGA 160 S

Comec TGA 160 S.jpg parallel lathe

We propose 

Comec lathe

Mod  TGA 160 S 

Center height 160 mm

Distance between centers 800 mm

Bar passage 40 mm

Spindle speed 12/0/1800 rpm

Speed range 

Code 2274

Parallel lathe  Tovaglieri

TMRN 150

Tovaglieri parallel lathe mod TMRN 150.jpg

we propose

Parallel lathe Tovaglieri

Mod TMRN 150

Point height 150 mm

Center distance 1500 mm

Bar passage 34 mm

Max turning diameter 300 mm

Norton box for threads

Code 22158

Tacchi parallel lathe

Mt 180

TACCHI parallel lathe mod MT180X1000.jpg

We propose 

Heels lathe

Mod  MT 10

Center height 180 mm

Distance between centers 1000 mm

Bar passage 38 mm

Spindle speed 30/1600 rpm

Speed range 

Code 22124

Gornati lathe

Legoor 200


We propose 

Gornati Legoor lathe

Mod  200 

Center height 200 mm

Distance between centers 1500 mm

Spindle hole 104 mm

Spindle speeds 20-1500

Speed range n 16

Cod 2214

Grazioli lathe

Dania 200

Grazioli Dania lathe 200.jpg

We propose 

Grazioli lathe

Mod  Dania 200

Center height 200 mm

Distance between centers 1500 mm

Stem CM 4 

Spindle speed 20/2000 rpm 

Speed range 

Cod 2265

Lathe Fr revol

Fr 450

Lathe fr rev 450

We propose 

FR RIVOL lathe

Mod  FR 450

Center height 450 mm

Distance between centers 2500 mm

Bar passage 150 mm

Spindle speeds 

Speed range 

Cod 0240


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