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Range of numerically controlled hydraulic sheet metal bending machines with large-sized structure with high performance and low management costs, hydraulic and electronic components from the best European brands, enclosed in two distinct machine categories: red line and blue line, to meet every technical need and economical, completely customizable for the most diverse production needs, bending dimensions from 1600 to 6000 mm, bending power from 40 to 500 tons, active table crowning system controlled by CN, latest generation numerical controls, ESA GV touchscreen which manages up to 6 machine axes + 1 crowning. The movements of the register are carried out on ball screws and linear guides. All machines are offered with very complete equipment, rapid tool change, fractionated upper tool, lower multi-slot prism with limited overall dimensions and latest generation active operator safety systems with CE conformity, workstation lights, sheet metal support brackets. Technical consultancy, transport, positioning on site, software learning course, 12 month warranty with after-sales assistance, access to industry 4.0 tax breaks. Request a no-obligation quote.

Superficie metallica

Why choose our bending machines

Today anyone can do a search on the internet to realize the infinite choices that the market offers, all the machines on paper seem to have all the same characteristics but how can we orient ourselves in the choice and above all what makes the difference between two apparently similar machines?

Asheet metal bending machine it is apparently a simple machine, its main components are represented by the carpentry, the metal structure that makes up the machine, the hydraulic system that includes the cylinders and the oil control unit and the hardware and software part composed of the numerical control that manages the machine in addition to the main electrical panel.All these elements in turn include an innumerable quantity of parts.

There are many companies that make these parts but even among these there are very different component qualities, and this is where we come to the crux of the matter,the research and selection of the best components in order to obtain the best overall results.

Our components are among the best on the market

·         The structure of the machine is built in electro-welded steel, generously sized to guarantee the machine great rigidity

·         CNC ESA (Italy)

·         Bosch Rexroth electro-hydraulic proportional valve (Germany)

·         GIVI magnetic scales (Italy)

·         DELTA servomotors

·         Shneider components

·         Siemens main engine

·         SUNNY pump(USA)

·         EMB Hydraulics (Germany)

·         German bark and seals


In addition to the aspects described above, another element to take into consideration and not to underestimate is the after-sales service today called customer service.

·         The Italian manufacturer's 12-month warranty on all parts, spare parts warehouse in Italy, technicians always available, telephone assistance even after the warranty expires

·         CE certification provided by a European body CE examination certificate (Annex IV) issued by the Notified Body I.E.C. – Industrial Engineering Consultant  of Turin.

·         Additional services transport and logistics learning courses machine customization on request, special tailor-made tools.


Generously welded electro-steel structure
sized to guarantee the machine great rigidity.
The type is with a double hydraulic cylinder to control the descent of the ram. 4+1 axis control (Y1-Y2-X-R+V)
Double cylinder structure, CNC Delem DA 53T
Electro-mechanical crowning Fractional upper tool
Lower tool Quick tool change Sliding sheet metal front support Movable pedal

Augusta synchro 130 3200 sheet metal bender


The machines with a generously dimensioned structure contain an active crowning system in the NC-controlled table. All versions are presented with ESA GV S 630 CNC which manages the 5 machine axes. The register movements (X and R) are carried out on ball screws and linear guides. CNC controlled crowning table. All hydraulic components are of the best European production.

Synchronised 5-axis sheet metal bending machines .jpg


Bending machine synchronized with the automatic management of the three main axes. All versions are presented with ESA GV S 630 CNC. This model was designed to have a high performance machine, but with low management cost.

Sheet metal bender synchronised with 3 axes.jpg


Double cylinder structure Synchronization by torsion bar Digital display Motorized register Ball screws Upper and lower tool Segmented tool Sheet metal front support CE compliant machine

Sheet metal bender blue line.png


Augusta sheet metal bending machine, Mod 50/1500Synchro Control 3 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R)

Recirculating ball rear register, Upper and lower tool with sectors

Front sheet metal support, compliant machinery. to CE regulations

Sheet metal bender augusta_501500_Synchro-.png


Parallelism: Control of bending parallelism via balancing valves and hydraulic stop in the cylinders
Structure in rolled, welded and reinforced sheet steel to ensure maximum rigidity
Double-acting cylinders, they are made of steel and lapped; the stems, in addition to being ground, are induction hardened.  
The machine has 3 working speeds: - high closing speed. - slowdown speed that can be positioned at a point along the ram's travel. - high opening speed. 
Single and automatic work cycles. 
Ram controlled directly by two cylinders placed on the uprights. 
The stroke of the ram is adjustable both at the bottom dead center and at the top dead center manually.

Sheet metal bender omag epb 300.jpg

Machines of robust construction suitable for all bending operations. The movement of the head occurs by means of bevel gears and trapezoidal thread screws. The folding table is balanced by an adjustable counterweight to make movement easy and light. A special stop ring allows you to fix the bending angle you want to obtain

Sheet metal bender 289 mot.png

The right choice of blades and dies for sheet metal bending machinery can make the difference between a job well done and a poor one. Find out how to choose the right blades and dies for your sheet metal bending machines and get excellent results for every job

Tools for Sheet Metal Benders and Sheet Metal Shears.png