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New line of machine tools for metal drilling, radial drills, column drills and milling drills of various models and types to meet different working needs

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Radial drills equipped with a solid structure that allow the operator to obtain great drilling power and precision.
Equipped with mechanical clutch for starting the spindle in order to obtain maximum control in tapping operations, avoiding blockages.
The vertical movement of the flag is assisted by an electric motor with panel controls.
The locking of the axes gives perfect working rigidity by means of a dedicated hydraulic unit

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Suitable drills that meet the daily production needs for ease of use,
reliability, sturdiness and management economy.
The drill is equipped with a rotating table and a vice
Reversing tele system 
selectable two-speed motor with 3-pulley transmission

trapano fresa 40.png

Milling drills with a sturdy gear head
Two-speed motor, rotation speed (3200rpm)  
The drills have  table and swivel vice in the version N 
While in the TC version a cross table with  movimenti manual di  X and Y
The equipment includes the tool cooling pump
Halogen lamp 
The hollow chuck with tie rod for locking milling tools 
Tele reverser for tapping

trapano a ingranaggi 45 .png

Gear drills 45 
Gear spindle speed change
Two-speed motor 1.1 Kw - 1.5 Kw
Spindle rotation direction selector
Automatic descent 
Rack on the column
Automatic descent
Electronic tapping system 
Gear head
Large plan 
Cooling system
Base with T-slots (for machining large pieces)

Machinery compliant with regulations 

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