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Konzu offers a large selection ofnew machine tools of the latest generation, designed to improve your production, what you need to face the daily challenges of your workshop. In collaboration with the best Italian and international manufacturers to bring you the most advanced solutions on the market. Browse our categories and discover the latest news in terms of technology, design and efficiency,request a personalized consultation for a simpler and more informed choice.Download
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Augusta mod syncro 5-axis sheet metal bending machine

Line of numerically controlled hydraulic press brakes, synchronized or torsion bar, fully customizable, bending dimensions from 1600 to 6000 mm. useful, bending power from 40 to 500 tons. active table crowning system, ESA touchscreen CNC up to 8 axes. 12 months warranty, after-sales support, 4.0 ready.

2-axis sheet metal bending machine
OMAG sheet metal bending machine
Sheet metal shears Diana mod gh

Line of hydraulic shears for cutting sheet metal with numerical control with guillotine or oscillating blade, useful cutting sizes from 2 to 6 m. cutting thicknesses from 1 to 20 mm, possibility of adding pneumatic rear sheet support. 12 months warranty, after-sales support, 4.0 ready.

blue line series sheet metal shears
omag sheet metal shears
New sheet metal calenders

Line of sheet metal rolling machines with 3 or 4 rollers configurable for every production need, from 1 m. at 4 m. useful. Completely hydraulic, manual and CNC. 12 month warranty, after-sales assistance, 4.0 ready.

sheet metal calenders
sheet metal punching machines

Line of laser cutting systems with fiber generator, for flat sheet metal and tube and profile cutting. Configurable on request for every production need. From 1000 to 15000 watts of power, turnkey systems, transport, assembly, learning course. 12 months warranty, after-sales support 4.0 ready.

tube laser cutting
laser welding
CNC pantographs

The cutting machines are designed to allow processing with conventional plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology, they are made up of a robust support structure for the runways correlated to the high quality of the mechanical and electronic components used

oxy-fuel pantograph

Line of filtration systems for fumes and dust emitted by processing, in collaboration with the best experts in the sector, study, design and construction of tailor-made systems, after-sales assistance. scheduled maintenance, 4.0 ready

smoke extractor
smoke extractor
multifunction punching machine

Line of hydraulic punching machines for every need, from 45 to 120 tons. of power, customizable on request also with numerical control and iron cutting version. Equipment on request, 12 months warranty, after-sales assistance, 4.0 ready.

sheet metal punching machines
sheet metal punching machines
eccentric press

Line of mechanical eccentric presses from 30 to 150 tons. of power, can be equipped with special tools, 12 month after-sales guarantee. Line of hydraulic bridge presses, standard models or made to specific requests, from 40 to 300 tons. of power, can be equipped with special tools, 12 months after-sales assistance guarantee.

eccentric press
hydraulic press
new pipe bends

Manual and CNC profile curve line, shaft diameter from 45 to 200 mm, customizable to specifications. Standard tools for every profile on the market and on request for tube bending, double working position, vertical or horizontal, adjustable lateral guides, manual, displayed and numerically controlled models. 12 months warranty, after-sales assistance, 4.0 ready. Line of machinery for bending metal tubes and rods, which can be equipped on request for different processes, both with numerical control and traditional ones. 12 months warranty, after-sales support 4.0 ready.

profile curve
pipe bend
new band saws

Line of band sawing machines for every production need, manual, semi-automatic and automatic CNC. 12 month warranty for after-sales assistance, blade spare parts and related products. 4.0 ready.

band saw
band saw
parallel lathe

Line of parallel lathes for every need, monolithic cast iron base. High power main motor and generously sized spindle hole, 2-axis height display, Italian-style quick-change turret and self-centering chuck. Norton box.12 months warranty, after-sales service.

parallel lathes
parallel lathes

Line of numerically controlled lathes with Fanuc or Siemens CNC, self-learning system, tool magazine with automatic change and high-speed spindle. The axis movements are mixed, on linear guides for the longitudinal and transversal, while with traditional turcite guides for the vertical axis. 12 months warranty, after-sales support, 4.0 ready

cnc lathes
cnc lathes
Work centers mod VMC 1160

Range of machining centers that adapt to all types of processing. Machinery of different sizes to meet different production needs. Siemens or Fanuc numerical control, tool magazine with automatic change and high-speed spindle. 12 months warranty, after-sales support, 4.0 ready.

work centers
cnc-milling machine mod carrera 600

Line of milling machines for every need including CNC, The movement of the axes is managed by brushless motors and ball screws, the vertical and horizontal spindles are driven by an inverter device, 12 months warranty, after-sales assistance, 4.0 ready.

metal milling machines
metal milling machines
radial drill

Line of drills for every drilling need, characterized by great ease of use, reliability and robustness, 12-month after-sales guarantee.

drill press
drill press
thin sheet metal working machines

Complete line of machinery for thin sheet metal processing, cutting, bending, calendering and edging, thicknesses from 0.5 to 3 mm, also ideal for use on construction sites, 12 months after-sales assistance guarantee.

thin sheet metal processing
thin sheet metal processing
thin sheet metal processing
control delem dac 310

Konzu srls offers new tools and components for machine tools, blades and slots for bending machines, positioners, dimension displays for lathes, blades for band saws and optical scales for safety.

safety devices
blades for band saws
Forme geometriche









Frequently asked questions for those who want to buy a new machine tool
1. What aspects are covered by the warranty and how long is it valid?
2. Is it necessary to take specific actions to activate the guarantee?
3. Is it possible to receive assistance once the warranty has expired?
4. Does the service include transport and unloading of the machinery?
5. Is it possible to finance the purchase of the machine?
6. How can I choose the model best suited to my needs?
1. The standard warranty for new machines lasts 12 months from the date of delivery e
covers the replacement of defective components, both hardware and software, excluding damage caused by
normal wear or improper use.
2. The warranty is activated automatically with the purchase of the machinery, without the need for
additional documentation or additional costs.
3. At the end of the 12 months standard warranty, we offer a free telephone support service
to support you in your needs.
4. We provide a complete transport and logistics service for your machinery, with costs and details
to be evaluated based on the different needs, for more information you can look at the dedicated page
5. We offer the option to purchase machines through financing, subject to approval
of your financial institution or bank.
6. Our team is available to provide you with personalized advice in choosing the model
most suitable, without any cost or commitment on your part.
If you have other questions not present in this link you can call us or write to us at the contacts listed below
low, we are available for any clarification.



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