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Machinery for sheet metal deformation Eccentric presses and bridge presses of the best quality available in different versions, so as to satisfy all production needs. Konzu srls has an expert team ready to offer assistance and advice: your questions and requests will find a certain response. Do not hesitate to contact us for information and clarifications.

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Wide range of mechanical eccentric gooseneck presses, from 10 to 100 tons. of power

pressa eccentrica tr

Maximum pressure 550 kN
Strokes per minute 80
Variable strokes per minute* 40-110
Motor power 4kW
Adjustable stroke 11-102 mm
70 mm ram adjustment
Plane-ram distance 380 H mm

pressa eccentrica fv

Maximum pressure 100 kN
Strokes per minute 190
Variable strokes per minute* 90-250
Motor power 0.75 kW
Adjustable stroke 8-52 mm
30 mm club adjustment

Plane-ram distance 210 H mm


New line of hydraulic bridge presses, complete range of models from 20 to 300 tons, machinery compliant with CE standards, with guarantee.

pressa a ponte 300 ton.png

Hydraulic presses 300 tons 

pressa a ponte 100 ton.png

Hydraulic presses 100 tons 

pressa a ponte inferiore a 100 ton.png

Hydraulic presses less than 100 tons 

Machinery compliant with regulations 

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