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Konzu srls offers a selection of used machine tools for sheet metal deformation and shearing, eccentric and hydraulic sheet metal presses of various brands and models with different tonnages. Machinery with CNC or traditional control of the best known brands and systems or traditional controls, contact us for clarification on the available models. All the models on display are currently available.

SICMI hydraulic press

PST 100

Two-post hydraulic press Sicmi mod pst 100 ton.jpg

we propose

SICMI two-post hydraulic press

Mod pst 100

Monolithic frame

Working table dimensions 900 mm x 600 mm 

Piston stroke 500 mm 

Working table height 730 mm

Shoulder clearance 1050 mm 

Working table height 730 mm 

Approach speed 25 mm/sec

Working speed 4 mm/sec 

Digital control with display 

Motor power 4 kw 

Machine weight 2300 kg

Overall machine dimensions L2080 x w 1050 mm x h 2260 mm 

Machinery used and in working order

code 23111

Sicmi hydraulic press


Hydraulic press Sicmi Mod psm 20 NC .jpg

We offer

Sicmi hydraulic press 

Mod psm 20 NC 

Power 20 ton 

Passage measurement between shoulders 520 mm 

Piston stroke 350 mm 

Approach speed 29 mm/sec

Working speed 4 mm/sec

Motor power 4 kw

Machine weight 210 kg

Overall machine dimensions L 1200 mm x w 500 mm x h 1800 mm

code 23114

Pressa idraulica Hans Schoen 

 sh 25 tons 

HANS SCHOEN hydraulic press mod sh 25 ton .jpg

We propose

Hans Schoen hydraulic sheet metal press

mod SH 

Press capacity 25 tons 

Maximum stroke 100 mm


Table depth 320 mm

Machinery compliant with CE regulations
Code 2278


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