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Konzu srls offers a selection of used machine tools for sheet metal deformation and shearing, eccentric and hydraulic sheet metal presses of various brands and models with different tonnages. Machinery with CNC or traditional control of the best known brands and systems or traditional controls, contact us for clarification on the available models. All the models on display are currently available.

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San Giacomo eccentric press

T 130R CE 

Press San Giacomo Mod T 130R CE .jpg

we propose

San Giacomo eccentric press

mod T 130R CE

Press capacity 130 tons

Nominal stroke 7.5 mm

Adjustable stroke 16 – 200 mm

Sled surface 540 mm x 740 mm

Slide adjustment 100 mm

Table surface 700mm x 1200mm

Cycles per minute 20 – 70

Mold 600 x 1100 mm

Machinery compliant with CE regulations

Code 2355

San Giacomo eccentric press

T100 r ce

San Giacomo eccentric press Model T 100R CE

we propose

San Giacomo eccentric press

mod T 100R CE

Press capacity 100 tons

Stroke 17-180 mm  mm

Rated Speed 190 Strokes min

Hammer plane distance 210 mm

Worktop 560mm x 1000mm

Machinery compliant with CE regulations

Code 2345

Pressa idraulica Hans Schoen 

 sh 25 ton 

Pressa idraulica HANS SCHOEN mod sh 25 ton .jpg


Pressa idraulica lamiera Hans Schoen

mod SH 

Capacità di pressa 25 ton 

Massima corsa 100 mm


Profondità del tavolo 320 mm

Macchinario conforme normative CE
Cod 2278

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