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Machining centers with Siemens or Fanuc numerical control Automatic lubrication 24-position tool change Electro-pneumatic tool locking Remote electronic handwheel Facilitated milling cycles, line of high-tech milling machines. Built to serve the most demanding mechanical production requests.

Machining centers mod VMC 1160.png

Machining centers mod VMC 1160

Machine tools for chip removal in numerical control work centers, top quality machinery compliant with CE standards, available in different versions, so as to satisfy all production needs. Konzu srls has an expert team ready to offer assistance and advice, your questions and requests will find a certain response. Do not hesitate to call us for information and clarifications.

VMC-700-.png machining centres.png

Machining centers mod VMC 700

Machining centers equipped with Siemens digital numerical controls, tool magazine with automatic change and high-speed spindle. The movements of the axes are mixed, on linear guides for the longitudinal and transversal, while with traditional turcite guides for the vertical axis. The range includes longitudinal strokes from 500 to 1600 with relative transversal strokes from 400 to 1000.


In today's machine tool market, the product offering appears vast and varied, with many options featuring seemingly similar features and components. However, an often overlooked aspect is that many of these products are the result of an assembly of separately purchased parts, without a real interconnection. Weida, a company with a long history and a global presence in over 70 countries, stands out in this landscape. Weida's strength lies in its ability to design and produce in-house. It has cutting-edge design studios and an internal foundry for production. Its specialized staff selects the best components available on the market, guaranteeing rigorous control of every single aspect of the production process. Furthermore, Weida has an internal laboratory where it subjects its products to intensive tests, replicating the stresses and prolonged use they will undergo during their operational life. This allows Weida to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of its products. Choosing Weida means choosing excellence, quality and durability. Choosing Weida means making a safe investment for the future of your business.  

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