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Konzu s.r.l.s. is a pioneering company in the field of machine tool trading and business consulting. Our specialisation is to offer innovative solutions to the most common challenges in the production of metal products, sheet metal working, machining, forming, automatic cutting, chip removal and turnkey plants.

Our mission is to go beyond simply improving the finished product. We aim to make the production process more efficient, faster and more cost-effective through customised solutions. With a constant commitment to technological development, we strive to optimise the investment of our customers' financial resources, ensuring a faster return on investment.

At Konzu s.r.l., we firmly believe that every company deserves the most advanced technological solutions to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. We are here to be your reliable partner in achieving manufacturing excellence."

Why choose us

We give you three simple reasons, then you choose…

1. Our service is completely free, you got it right, you won't have to pay anything, Our
compensation derives exclusively from commercial contracts with our suppliers and will be their a
pay us, not you.
Thanks to this affiliation system with over 30 suppliers and machine tool manufacturers and
machinery for sheet metal working, carefully selected for the quality of the products,
professional seriousness and competitive prices, we have no interest in selling you a

specific machinery. Our job is to guide you in your purchase, helping you find the solution
best suited to your specific needs.

2. Most traders we know have no experience using
machinery that it proposes, on the contrary, My partners and I know what it means to have to invest time
and money in buying new technology, we have been in the industry for over 25 years
as entrepreneurs, we know the issues related to the production and use of
tools and the importance of such an investment, is different from memorizing and repeating the
technical data sheet of the machine.
We intend to present ourselves as a point of reference for those who want to buy or sell machines
tools, a real partner you can rely on.

3. We will always be by your side even after the sale to solve any kind of problem. Thank you
to our specialized technicians and our assistance. If your money isn't our goal, it is
earn your trust.
The idea that the customer is "a chicken to be plucked" is a door-to-door salesman idea linked to the century
last year, today the customers who buy machinery are entrepreneurs who are rightly demanding, prepared,
who are informed and who know the products they want to buy.
''People don't want a drill but a hole in the wall'' this means that the machines
tools are not mere decorative objects but they are tools that have to solve a
problem, improve a production process.


Konzu srls. offers solutions to the most common problems related to the production of metal products,
sheet metal processing and mechanical processing in general, deformation, automatic cutting,
chip removal and turnkey plants.
we offer real solutions, customized, with a vision of technological development, targeted not only
to the improvement of the finished product but also to a simpler, faster and with a
less investment of financial resources.

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