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Machine tools for chip removal Numerical control milling machines, traditional visualized and non-displayed milling machines, work centers and machinery of the best quality compliant with CE standards, available in different versions, so as to satisfy all production needs. Konzu srls has an expert team ready to offer assistance and advice, your questions and requests will find a certain response. Do not hesitate to call us for information and clarifications.

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Complete range of machines  for all milling needs, from the traditional model to the most modern CNC machining centres, request information and discover our financing services.

metal milling machine mod carrera 1650 digital.png

Milling machines mod Carrera 1650 digital 


Machinery with management of the axes by brushless motors, and recirculating ball screws as in machining centres.

The vertical and horizontal spindle are operated by an inverter device which allows to vary the rotation speed without acting on the gears or variators, thus facilitating the execution speed.

cnc-milling machine mod carrera 600.png

Milling machines mod Carrera 600 


CNC controlled milling machines 

Machine equipped with ISO 40 spindle, automatic descent and tele-reversing system, and pneumatic tie rod for locking the tools. The movements of the axes are controlled by motors with gearboxes for greater power. The visualization of the X - Y - Z axis movement is entrusted to a digital quota viewer

Fresatrice carrera-400.png

Carrera 400 model milling machines

The tilting head of the machine is equipped with a gear change to vary the rotation speed of the spindle. This system allows for robust power transmission, which is necessary in drilling operations. The spindle cone is of the CM 4 type with a tie rod to fix the cutter holder spindles. The equipment includes the tool lubrication system, the halogen lamp for lighting the work area, and the box of keys for maintenance.

Machinery compliant with regulations 

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