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Konzu srls makes its web space available to traders, companies and artisans.

Whether you want to replace your machines or simply want to sell them at the best price

possible on the market.

A virtual and free showcase where you can display and sell them effortlessly.

What types of machinery you can sell with us:

   Sheet metal processing

  • Hydraulic sheet metal benders

  • Hydraulic and mechanical sheet metal shears

  • Notch hydraulic sheet metal

  • Sheet metal punching machines hydraulic

  • Eccentric presses

  • Hydraulic presses

  • Horizontal sheet metal benders

  • Sheet metal calenders


   Cutting systems

  • Fiber laser cutting and co2 laser cutting

  • Plasma cutting

  • Water jet cutting

  • Oxyfuel

  • Processing of profiles and pipes

  • Band or disc saws

  • Curve profiles

  • Pipe bend


   Machine tools

  • Column and radial drills

  • Traditional lathes or CNC lathes

  • Traditional cutters or CNC cutters

  • Machining centers

  • Slotting machines

  • Tappers

  • Sheet metal notching machines

  • Other types of machinery or systems will be evaluated individually.


   How to:

  • It will be sufficient to contact us by phone or e-mail, specifying the information indicated below, the evaluation of the machine will be established on the basis of your expectations and those in force market prices.


   We take care of everything:

  • Vision and evaluation of the machinery or plant

  • Collection of multimedia material (photos, videos, documentation and technical specifications)

  • Publication on the main social networks and sector sites

  • Search for the most suitable client


   You must indicate:

  • car brand

  • machine model

  • technical data of the machine

  • production year

  • the state in which the machine is

  • photos of the car and any videos

  • your request in euros

  • where the machinery is located


*NB: All the proposed machinery must be consistent with the descriptions you provide,

regularly purchased with invoice, viewable in Italy, functioning (possible

defects must be specified), with CE certification of conformity and related systems of

safety according to current regulations, in the absence of certification it will be possible to

appraise the machinery by our trusted expert. The selling company will have to issue

regular invoice in accordance with the law.

for any information without obligation, you can contact us at the addresses indicated.



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