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We present our range of traditional parallel lathes displayed , designed with a compact and torsion-resistant structure thanks to our monolithic cast iron base which guarantees rigidity and precision, making our lathes ideal for chip removal, precision and finishing operations.

Each lathe in our range is supplied with a generous standard equipment, making it complete and suitable for any production need. This equipment includes a rapid tool turret, a fixed and mobile rest, tailstock, chip tray, refrigeration system, rear fairing, halogen lamp, emergency electric brake, self-centering chucks and a height display.

We invite you to explore the various models available to discover which lathe best meets your needs.


Emerson parallel lathe mod EL205x1000

EL parallel lathe 250 mm x 1000 mm

Vault on the bench 410 mm
Vault on the wagon 255 mm
Vaulting in the recess 590 x 250 mm
Distance between centers 1000 mm
Bench width 250 mm

parallel lathe.

Parallel lathe mod Galileo

Lathes with mechanical clutch and rapid axes, for heavy machining.
Large sizing of all parts of the structure, guarantee precision and rigidity in the processing of large pieces.
105 mm spindle hole and 2000 mm center distance
Suitable for the working needs of the average workshop.
Equipped with 3-axis digital height display,
Italian type quick change turret,
self-centering chuck,
emergency electromagnetic brake and vibration dampers for positioning.

Parallel drill mod EL230X1500.

Parallel lathe mod EL 230 x 1500

Characteristics of rigidity and precision
Monolithic cast iron base
High power main engine
Spindle hole size (82mm)
Distance between centers 1500 mm
Equipped as standard with 2-axis height display
Italian type quick change turret
Self-centering chuck

lathe mod 360.

Leonardo 360 parallel lathe

Parallel lathe mod 360 displayed
Vault on the bench 360 mm
Vault on the wagon 212 mm
Vault in the recess 491 mm
Distance between centers 1000 mm
Cam Lock chuck 4
Spindle hole 51 mm
Spindle speed 65 - 2000 rpm

Motor power 1.5 kW - 380 V
Weight 820 kg
Dimensions (wxdxh) 1840 x 600 x 1630 mm
New machinery with CE guarantee

Parallel lathe.

Leonardo 310 parallel lathe

Lathes with very complete equipment for turning small parts
Tip height 180 mm
Distance between centers 1000 mm
Current 380 v
Halogen lamp
Coolant pump part
supplied as standard

large-sized parallel-lathes.

Large parallel lathes

Huge parallel lathe
Large lathes
Tip height 500 mm
Distance between centers 5000 mm


The knockout and tapping table is an important tool used in the metalworking field. This table provides information on pre-drilled hole sizes and tapping specifications for a variety of materials and thicknesses.

In the table, you can find the exact size of holes to pre-drill, the diameter of tap needed for tapping, the type of tap to use, and the recommended cutting speed settings for your cutting machine.

To use a knockout and tapping table, it is important to know the material properties of the metal part and the required design specifications. With this information, you can easily find the appropriate pre-drilling hole sizes and tapping specifications in the table.

In summary, a knockout and tapping table is an essential tool for producing metal parts with accurate holes and threads. It is important to use the proper pre-drilling and tapping settings to ensure the accuracy and quality of the finished product.

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