Machine tools for chip removal  Numerical control lathes, traditional parallel lathes displayed and not, machinery  of the best quality compliant with CE regulations,available in different versions, so as to satisfy all production needs. Konzu srls has an experienced team ready to offer assistance and advice: your questions and requests will certainly be answered .  Do not hesitate to call us for information and clarifications.

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Line of self-learning lathes with very innovative characteristics The movements of the axes are on linear guides and the spindle and axis motors are brushless. All the electronic part, and therefore the numerical control, drives and motors, are produced by Siemens 


CNC lathe

Takamori machining centers are equipped with Siemens digital numerical controls, tool magazine with automatic change and high speed spindle. The movements of the axes are mixed, on linear guides for the longitudinal and transversal, while with traditional guides in turcite for the vertical axis. The range includes longitudinal strokes from 500 to 1600 with relative transverse strokes from 400 to 1000.


CNC lathe

Traditional self-learning lathes 
High structural rigidity and high precision
The Siemens numerical control manages the movement of the axes
manual, semiautomatic or automatic processing 
The electronic part is made up of Siemens components in order to have the maximum precision and reliability
The standard equipment includes the 6-position automatic turret


CNC lathe

Self-learning lathe 
Traditional processing machinery with the speed of numerically controlled machines
The movements of the axes are on linear guides 
Spindle and axis motors are brushless
All the electronics, numerical control, drives and motors are produced by Siemens 
This greatly increases the precision and reliability characteristics of the machine
The standard equipment includes the 6-position automatic turret 


Range of versatile and easy-to-use parallel lathes, suitable for all types of machining. Displayed or not, of different sizes for various processes.


Parallel lathe

Lathes with mechanical clutch and rapid on the axes, for heavy machining.
Large sizing of all parts of the structure, guarantee precision and rigidity in the machining of large pieces . 
Spindle hole 105 mm and 2000 mm distance between centers
Suitable for  medium workshop working needs. 
Equipped with 3-axis digital readout,  
Italian type quick change turret,  
self-centering chuck,  
electromagnetic emergency brake and anti-vibration mounts for positioning.


Parallel lathe

Features of rigidity and precision
Monolithic cast iron base
High power main motor 
Spindle bore size (82mm)
Distance between centers 1500 mm 
Equipped as standard with 2-axis digital readout
Quick change turret Italian type 
Self-centering chuck

tornio mod 360.png

Parallel lathe

Parallel lathe mod 360 displayed
Swing over the bed 360 mm
Swing over the carriage 212 mm
Swing in the recess 491 mm
Distance between centers 1000 mm
Cam Lock Chuck 4
Spindle hole 51 mm
Spindle speed 65 - 2000 rpm

Motor power 1,5 kW - 380 V
Weight 820 kg
Dimensions (wxdxh) 1840 x 600 x 1630 mm
New machinery with CE guarantee


Parallel lathe

Lathes with very complete equipment for turning small pieces
Center height 180 mm 
Distance between centers 1000 mm 
Current 380 v 
Halogen lamp 
Coolant pump piece 
supplied as standard

tornio-corrente -220-v.png

Parallel lathe

Compact and versatile lathe with professional features
Cast iron construction with sheet metal pedestal
Equipped with longitudinal feed 
Norton seed box for all thread pitches
Center height 140 mm 
Distance between centers 700 mm 
Current 220 v 
Suitable for small productions


Parallel lathe

Huge parallel lathe

Large lathes

Center height 500 mm

Distance between centers  5000 mm

Machinery compliant with regulations