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New sheet metal bending machines for sheet metal bending, best quality machinery available in different versions, so as to satisfy all production needs. Konzu srls has an expert team ready to offer assistance and advice: your questions and requests will certainly be answered. Do not hesitate to call us for information and clarifications.

Automatic sheet metal calenders

Automatic calenders for sheet metal

Automatic calender with 4 rolls
allows in one pass initial invitation 
final invitation calendering  
Hardened and ground rollers  
Fully hydraulic machine for reduced maintenance and high efficiency Electronic positioner with memory of 100 programs of 30 steps each one 
Hydraulic shoulder opening  

4-roller sheet metal calenders.jpeg

Plate calenders with 4 rolls

Extreme sturdiness of the structure worked with numerical control machines
Dimensions of the hydraulic circuit and of the oversized components to withstand heavy use and extend the life over time with reduced maintenance
Two hydraulic motors coupled to planetary reduction gears for the rotation of the two central rollers
Induction hardened rollers
Separate control desk
Push-button controls for moving the side rollers in parallel and for rotation
Hydraulic shoulder opening from control desk

 3-roller sheet metal calenders

Bending machines for sheet metal  with 3 rolls

Hydraulic machinery
benders with reduced center distance for
reduce  the flat part (invitation)
Double hydraulic motorization
coupled to planetary gearboxes for
the rotation of the 3 reels
Automatic compensation of
peripheral speed of the upper roller
Hardened rollers
Extended shafts for the use of profile curve rollers
Button controls on separate bench and mobile on wheels
Hydraulic inclination of the side rollers
for conical calendering.
Hydraulic shoulder opening from the control desk

large sheet metal calenders

Large sized plate calenders

Hydraulic bending machines
High sturdiness of the structure
Increased sizing of the hydraulic circuit and components to withstand heavy use and extend life over time with reduced maintenance
Induction hardened rollers
Separate control desk
Button controls for the movement of the lateral rollers and for the rotation
Parallelism of the rollers managed hydraulically
Hydraulic inclination of the side rolls for conical calendering

sheet metal calender 4 rollers

Imcar 4RH 4/2 NC grille total invitation
New with 12 month warranty
4 total invitation reels
Hydraulic roller release
Useful measurement 1500 mm
Thickness 3/4 mm
Roller diameter 150 mm.
Roller inclination angle 3 degrees
Total installed power 2.2 KW
Hardened rollers 55-60 HRC
No. 2 elevation displays
Cone apparatus
Movement of rollers on straight guides
Use and maintenance manual.

 Sheet metal calenders mod 285 MOT


Motor-driven three-cylinder asymmetrical arrangement rolling machines. The lower cylinder is adjustable by means of a cam lever, the rear one can be adjusted with a handwheel for the execution of cylindrical or conical bends; both are equipped at the ends with grooves with different lengths and depths to be able to bend edged objects or iron rods. The upper cylinder, which can be released, is equipped with a longitudinal cut to bend the sheet metal flap to be crimped





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