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Shears for cutting  sheet metal characterized by great strength, cutting capacity and cost-effectiveness. They offer useful cutting measures from 2 to 6 metres, cutting thicknesses from 4 to 20 mm and guillotine or oscillating blade systems. They are equipped with numerically controlled rear registers, adjustable blade gap and the possibility of adding pneumatic rear sheet support. European components and compliance with CE regulations. The company offers various services including transport, installation, software learning course, 12-month warranty with after-sales assistance and financing options.

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Diana mod GH sheet metal shears

Guillotine shear of great robustness and cutting capacity. The variable angle cutting system guarantees precise and excellent quality processing. The cutting length is measured by a digital display which reads the backgauge.

Cesoia lamiera Diana mod GH .png
Cesoia lamiera  Diana gh.png
Cesoia lamiera Diana gh.png
controllo delem dac 310

Control 4.0 ready

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Shears with oscillating blade simplicity, sturdiness and management economy. The cutting length is measured by means of a digital display which reads the rear register which moves by means of recirculating ball screws and linear guides.


Large size shears, oversized structures up to six meters, of great strength and cutting capacity

Machinery compliant with regulations