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Forme geometriche

Range ofhydraulic sheet metal shears numerically controlled, characterized by great sturdiness, cutting capacity and management economy, possibility of choosing between guillotine or oscillating blade cutting system, useful cutting sizes from 2 to 6 m. cutting thicknesses from 4 to 20 mm, all versions are tested and guaranteed for effective cutting capacity. Our shears are equipped with numerically controlled rear registers with movement on ball screws and linear guides, with CNC-adjustable blade spacing such as the inclination of the cutting blade, possibility of adding a pneumatic rear sheet metal support. The machines are equipped with a hydraulic and electrical system with components produced by the best European manufacturers. Cutting light, front support with balls, cutting start square and a generous lateral recess complete the standard equipment.Machines compliant with CE regulations. Turnkey service, technical consultancy, transport, positioning on site, software learning course,12 months warranty with after-sales assistance, access to industry 4.0 tax breaks. Request a no-obligation quote.

SHEARS  Diana mod GH

Guillotine shears of great sturdiness and cutting capacity. The variable angle cutting system guarantees precise and excellent quality workmanship. The cutting length is measured via a digital display that reads the back gauge.

Diana mod GH sheet metal shear

SHEARS Diana mod Blue line

Oscillating blade shears simplicity, robustness and management economy. The cutting length is measured via a digital display that reads the back gauge which moves by means of ball screws and linear guides.

Diana blue line sheet metal shears

Large sheet metal shears 

Large shears, oversized structures up to six meters, with great sturdiness and cutting capacity

shears 6000 mm x 6 mm_edited.

The OMAG shears of the GHB series are built with a cutting length range from 3 m to 8 m and with a cutting capacity from 6 to 30 millimetres. 
Structure is made of rolled steel sheet, welded and reinforced to ensure maximum rigidity. 
Double-acting cylinders, they are made of steel and lapped; the stems are made of ground steel. 
Blade holder slides on a vertical plane and is controlled directly by the two cylinders in series and guided by a roller bearing system. 
Sheet metal pressing pistons are independent so the clamping force is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet metal to be cut. 
Blades: both the upper and lower blades have 4 cutting edges. 
Single and automatic work cycles. 
Cutting angle adjustment is carried out using buttons integrated into the polycarbonate control panel. The drive is hydraulic. 
Blade gap adjustment is carried out by acting on two levers located on the external part of the shoulders.

omag sheet metal shears

Sheet metal shears with a solid and unique structure made of steel plates welded together. The self-adjusting air brake system is remotely controlled via a foot control panel, allowing configuration for a single or continuous cycle. The blades, made of special steel, are equipped with two reversible cutting edges. The inclination of the blades is reduced to a minimum to allow precise cutting even on extremely narrow strips.





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