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Diana blue line sheet metal shears

Oscillating blade shears, simplicity, robustness and cost-effective management. The cutting length is measured via a digital display that reads the back gauge which moves by means of ball screws and linear guides.

Hydraulic sheet metal shears mod Diana blue line.png
Diana mod blue line sheet metal shears
diana blue line 3 sheet metal shears
new sheet metal shears

Diana Blue line sheet metal shears
Cutting capacity 6 mm
Cutting length 3200 mm
Distance between uprights 3420 mm
Strokes per minute 16 Cycles/min
Lateral recess 100 mm
Backgauge stroke 600 mm
Cutting angle 1.5° degrees
Work table height 800 mm
Main motor power 7.5 kW
Power supply V 400 /Hz 50
Oil capacity L 170
Machine weight 6000 kg
Machinery overall dimensions L 4200 mm xl 2300 mm xh 2100 mm
New machinery compliant with CE regulations
New machine with warranty
Viewable at our associated warehouses
Possibility of transport and logistics throughout Italy and Europe
Available for any information without obligation NB
The data shown are not binding and can be modified at the discretion of the manufacturer

Standard equipment

German valve group
Siemens electrical system
Displayed backgauge Stroke 600 mm
Quick adjustment of the cutting light
Light for simple determination of the cut
Safety lock
Machine according to CE standards
Standard front support for the Lama sheet metal
NB The data shown are not binding and can be modified at the discretion of the manufacturer. 


Programmable odds viewer

Machine Formats

diana blue line sheet metal shear.png

Pneumatic sheet metal holder 

sheet metal support
sheet metal support
sheet metal support

The pneumatic sheet metal supporter for sheet metal shears is an optional device for our models. It is located at the rear of the machine, under the shear register. This device offers support to the sheet metal both before and after cutting, preventing the sheet metal from falling and deformation. It is also suitable for small thickness sheets.





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