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Konzu srls offers used machinery  for sheet metal and metal working, workshop equipment and handling equipment, if you need to sell your used machinery, your equipment or tool stock contact us and we will provide you with various options to conclude your deal, we offer used products from the best brands, and the visibility of the products on our web space and on our showcases on specialized sector sites 

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Used machine tools divided by categories, discover the sections with information and product data sheets or contact us for more information and quotes

Used sheet metal bending machines

Pressa piegatrice  WARCOM mod FUTURA .jpg
  • Sheet metal bending machines synchronized with cnc 

  • Hydraulic sheet metal bending machines torsion bar 

  • Mechanical sheet metal bending machines 

  • Manual sheet metal benders

Used saws 

segatrici usate.jpg
  • Automatic cnc band saws 

  • Semi-automatic band saws

  • Manual band saws 

  • Disc saws 

Used laser cutter

Taglio laser usati.png
  • CO2 laser cutting

  • Fiber laser cutting 

  • Plasma cutting

  • Water cutting

Used forklifts

Carrelli elevatori usati.jpg
  • Electric forklift trucks

  • Diesel Forklifts 

  • Electric pallet trucks

  • Crane

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Used radial drills and drill presses

Trapani radiali e a colonna usati.jpg
  • Radial drills 

  • Column drills 

  • Bench drills

Used sheet metal presses

Presse lamiera usate.jpg
  • Eccentric presses
    Mechanical presses
    Hydraulic presses

Used CNC lathes and machining centres

Torni cnc e centri di lavoro usat.jpg
  • CNC lathes
    Machining centers

Used sheet metal shears

cesoie lamiera usate.png
  • CNC sheet metal shears 

  • Hydraulic sheet shears

  • Mechanical sheet metal shears 

  • Manual sheet metal shears

Used parallel lathes

Torni paralleli usati .jpg
  • CNC parallel lathes

  • Self-learning parallel lathes

  • Parallel lathes  traditional 

  • Machining centers

Used profile bending machines and bending machines

Curvaprofili usate.png
  • Numerically controlled profile bending machine 

  • Semi-automatic profile bending machines 

  • CNC pipe bender 

  • Sheet metal calenders 

Used punching machines and sheet metal presses

punzonatrici lamiera usate .jpg
  • Numerical control sheet metal punching machines

  • Single punch sheet metal punching machines 

  • Multifunction sheet metal punching machines

  • Eccentric presses 

  • Hydraulic bridge presses 

Used machinery and equipment

Macchinari e attrezzature usate.jpg
  • Sheet metal notching machines 

  • Tangential adjustments

  • calibrators

  • Smoke filtering systems

  • Equipment

Used sheet metal calenders

Calandre lamiera usate.png
  • Sheet metal calenders

Used sheet metal notching machines

scantonatrici lamiera usate.png
  • Used sheet metal notching machines


Konzu srls employs the best specialists in the logistics sector  del  lifting and handling plants and machinery

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