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Konzu srls offers a selection of machinery for bending metal profiles and sheet metal. Used sheet metal calenders. The models on display are currently available.

MG calendering machine

AK 306 P

Sheet metal grille MG mod AK 306 P.png

we propose

Sheet metal grille MG

Mod AK 306 P

Useful bending length 3100 mm

Maximum thickness 6mm

Upper roller Ø diameter 160 mm

Side rollers Ø 150 mm

Digital control of the position of the rollers

Motor power 4kW

Machine weight "3200 kg"

Code 2381

FAMAR sheet metal calendering machine

QAI 15/2

Famar 4 roller calender mod 152.jpg

We offer 

FAMAR 4-roll cnc calender 

Mod QAI 15/2 

N 4 rollers

Control displayed cnc + control panel

year 2000 

Working length 1500 mm

Max. thickness 2 mm

Top roller size 90mm

Bottom roller size 110 mm

Middle roller size 130 mm

Machinery complying with CE regulations

Code 23112

Sahinler calendering machine


Sahinler calendering machine mod RM 1270 x 90.jpg

we propose

Sahinler calendering machine

Mod RM 1270 x 90

Motorized 3-roll calender

Mobile control panel with pedal

Useful calendering length 1270 mm

Calendering capacity 2.5 mm

Roller diameter 90 mm

Roller speed 6 RPM

N 3 Channels for round bars in the end part of the rollers (4/6/9)

Machinery compliant with CE regulations

Code 2369

3 roll calendering machine

1050mm x 90mm


we propose

Motorized plate calender

Mod 1050 x 90

Roller diameter 90 mm

N° 2 dragging rollers

Motorized ascent upper roller

Useful length 1050 mm

Max thickness 3mm

Code 21195

Calendering machine Hyllus

2000 x 1.5mm


we propose

Hyllus sheet metal grille

Mod 2000 1.5mm

Grille with asymmetrical arrangement

N° 2 dragging rollers

Useful length 2050 mm

Manual ascent upper roller

Maximum thickness 1.5 mm

Code 21302


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