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konzu srls offers a selection of machine tools for chip removal and metalworking, radial drills, column drills and milling drills of different sizes. All the machines on display are currently available.

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CMR-cnc radial drill

INVEMA KR 45/1300

Radial drill CMR INVEMA KR 45-1300.jpg

We propose 

CMR-cnc radial drill

mod INVEMA KR 45-1300

Maximum drilling diameter 45 mm (FE)

Maximum thread diameter 45 mm (FE)

ACU-RITE Radial cnc control

Arm length 1300 mm

Min/max rotation speed 36/2000 rpm

Morse taper attachment CM 4

Horizontal head stroke mm 970

Vertical arm stroke mm 600

Safety button on control

code 23102

Sass radial drill

Tm 2500 s

Trapano radiale Sass tm 2500 .jpg

We propose 

Radial drill  Sass

mod  Tm  2500 s 

Maximum drilling diameter 100  mm

Arm length 2500 mm

Rotation speed min / max  14 / 1275 rpm

code 21196

Caser radial drill

F 50 1250

caser radial drill mod F50 1250.jpg

We offer 

CASER radial drill

mod F 50-1250

Arm length 1250 mm

Maximum drilling diameter 50 mm

Morse taper 5

Spindle speed range 30 - 2000 rpm

Electromechanical column and head clamping

No. of speeds 16

Max. spindle base distance 1350 mm

Max. column spindle distance 350 - 1250 mm

Safety switch-off button

Code 23100

Serrmac column drill


Serrmac r 40 drill

we propose

Serrmac column drill

mod R40

Maximum drilling diameter 40 mm

Variable speed 45-2150 rpm

Spindle descent Manual micrometric

Conical attack Cm4

code 2341

Caser radial drill

F 35

Trapano radiale Caser mod F35.jpg

We propose 

Caser radial drill

mod  F35 

Maximum drilling diameter 35  mm

Arm length 1200 mm

Rotation speed min / max  35/1460 rpm

Morse taper 4

Motor power 2,2 kw 

code 22141

Sass radial drill



We propose 

Radial drill  SASS

mod  TRM 2500

Maximum drilling diameter 80 mm

Arm length 2500 mm 

Rotation speed min / max  0/1600 rpm

code 0257

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