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New profile bend and tube bend for bending metal profiles, top quality machinery available in different versions, so as to satisfy all production needs. Konzu srls has an experienced team ready to offer assistance and advice: your questions and requests will certainly be answered .  Do not hesitate to call us for information and clarifications.

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Line of profiling machines for the bending of metal profiles that can be equipped on request for the various processes both with numerical control and traditional


Electrohydraulic tube bend AMOB model MDH 90 CN3
with 1 fixed radius with / without spindle.
CN3 automatic machine (3 axes)
Curvature - Y axis: Y axis: automatic programmable NC axis / inverter and encoder
Rotation - Z axis: automatic and programmable NC
Feed - X axis: automatic and programmable NC
Automatic hydraulic gripper with direct action cylinder
Automatic hydraulic bending ram with direct acting cylinder (optional)
Automatic hydraulic mandrel extractor with direct action cylinder
Automatic hydraulic hose support
Extraction system of the bending matrix
Interchangeable shaft system for different bending radii
Sliding radius positioning of the mandrel puller
Pedal emergency device and emergency panel switches in the folding arm for
avoid crushing the operator
Easy access for machine maintenance
Quick tool change
Spindle support rod


With the ability to bend up to IPE 270 beams, they are extremely strong and can also accommodate a wide range of profiles and sections.

Like all section benders in the range these are the first products to be equipped with planetary movable bottom rollers, allowing for faster, tighter bending and more efficient production time.


The range of corner bending machines is available in both CNC and NC with specially developed machine learning software, which eliminates the need for trial bends and thus reduces waste material and production time.


The hydraulic profile bending machine is perfect for those applications that require multiple passes, where repeatability is key.
Available in two or three motorized rollers, these machines can satisfy the widest range of profiles on the market.
The three machines of this motorized roller series are particularly suitable for narrower radii and minimize material marking.
compact size machinery, ease of use and reduction of processing times are the strengths.


The manual roller bender of the MAM series is equipped with two and three guided rollers to adapt to each application: the three guided roller machines adapt to narrower radii and minimize the marking of the material.


The manual roller bender of the series  is equipped with two guided rollers to adapt to each application.

Machinery compliant with regulations 

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