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Line of self-learning lathes with very innovative characteristics The movements of the axes are on linear guides and the spindle and axis motors are brushless. All the electronic part, and therefore the numerical control, drives and motors, are manufactured by Siemens 

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Takamori machining centers are equipped with Siemens or Fanuc digital numerical controls, tool magazine with automatic change and high speed spindle. The movements of the axes are mixed, on linear guides for the longitudinal and transversal, while with traditional turcite guides for the vertical axis. The range includes longitudinal strokes from 500 to 1600 with relative transversal strokes from 400 to 1000.

CNC lathe TCK50.png
TCK50 display screen.jpg

Fanuc 0i TF CNC control

TCK50 tool holder turret.jpg

Automatic turret 8 positions

TCK50 chip conveyor.jpg

Chip conveyor


Shuttle 560-660 mod cnc lathe

Traditional self-learning lathes 
High structural rigidity and high precision
The Siemens numerical control manages the movement of the axes
manual, semi-automatic or automatic processing 
The electronic part is made up of Siemens components in order to have maximum precision and reliability
The standard equipment includes the 6-position automatic turret


Shuttle 410 cnc lathe

Self-learning lathe 
Traditional processing machinery with the speed of numerically controlled machines
The movements of the axes are on linear guides 
Spindle motors and axes are brushless
All the electronic part, numerical control, drives and motors are manufactured by Siemens 
This considerably increases the precision and reliability characteristics of the machine
The standard equipment includes the 6-position automatic turret 

tornio CNC  shuttle 440P.png


Compact and torsion resistant cast iron structure 
Extremely stiff main spindle on tapered roller bearings
Short cone with CAM LOCK connection
Sliding gear gearbox
Hardened and ground gears
The feeds are managed via electronic handwheels for manual machining, or by the CNC for automatic machining 
Removable chip collection tank

Machinery compliant with regulations 


The knockout and tapping table is an important tool used in the metalworking field. This table provides information on pre-drilled hole sizes and tapping specifications for a variety of materials and thicknesses.

In the table, you can find the exact size of holes to pre-drill, the diameter of tap needed for tapping, the type of tap to use, and the recommended cutting speed settings for your cutting machine.

To use a knockout and tapping table, it is important to know the material properties of the metal part and the required design specifications. With this information, you can easily find the appropriate pre-drilling hole sizes and tapping specifications in the table.

In summary, a knockout and tapping table is an essential tool for producing metal parts with accurate holes and threads. It is important to use the proper pre-drilling and tapping settings to ensure the accuracy and quality of the finished product.

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