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Konzu srls puts customers, professionals and insiders in touch in the field of documentation certification of machinery and companies 

technical advice

Why contact a consultant

Time is the most precious resource we have, often those looking for a machine to buy dont
consider this factor as relevant in economic terms, if you know your hourly rate you know the
worth of a day spent searching the internet in the hope of finding the unmissable deal,
without considering, that in addition to an investment of time and energy often when a price is too much
low by normal market standards you should be wondering why, especially regarding
the used. In order for a machine to be considered suitable for sale, it must necessarily be
subjected to a general check in order to exclude defects, this has a considerable cost,
buying a car from a private individual, from bankruptcy or without knowing the history of its use
is done until the time of sale is a risk that can hide many unpleasant surprises.

Contacting a consultant does not completely exclude this risk. A used can always hide
problems that are difficult to find even by a professional, but certainly this one
possibility is reduced and not just turning to a supplier who has all the interest that the machinery
you do not create problems for the customer and consequently for him. Even when an unexpected problem arises
will always have the opportunity to intervene quickly with its technicians and spare parts necessary for a perfect
functioning of the product even after purchase.

Another element to consider is that those looking for a machine often know the problem well
function it has to fulfill but does not always know what is the best solution for this purpose, by doing
reference to old technologies to something seen or heard. The advice of an expert can make one
real difference, both to find the most suitable product and to find the best offer in a short time.

Konzu srls offers its consultancy services for:

  • Purchase and sale of industrial machinery, equipment and plants in the engineering sector

  • Updating of machinery safety systems with associated sworn appraisals

  • Obtaining and maintaining ISO 9001 certified Quality Management Systems



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