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Konzu srls offers a selection of machinery, workshop equipment, machine tools  and machinery for production. The models on display are currently available.

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Apollo horizontal baler 

P 400 

Pressa orizzontale APOLLO mod P 400 .jpg

we propose

Apollo horizontal press

Form P 400 

Thrust power  40 Tons

Max stroke 250 mm

Max bend 200mm x 20mm

Programmer displayed on panel

Including automatic feeder

code 2329

OTC DAIHEN vertical welding robot

Osacam Super 8700

OTC welding robot DAIHEN.jpg

We propose

OTC DAIHEN vertical welding robot

Osacam Super 8700 mod

Control unit type IRB-511

Working area 1400 mm

Cnc otc 6800

Brand and model of the OTC Inverter Auto 350 welding machine

Piece tipper

Control and programming interface

Cooling unit

External axis controlled

Manual present

Code 23134

Tangential grinding CAMUT


Tangential grinding machine CAMUT MINI 12.jpg

We offer

Tangential grinding machine CAMUT

Mod MINI 12

Capacity 1500 mm x 400 mm

Longitudinal (x)1500 mm

Vertical (z)400 mm

Transverse upright (y)400 mm

Max. grinding length 1300 mm

Max. grindable thickness 450 mm

Stroke 1500 mm

Rotation speed 1440 rpm

Grinding wheel thickness 76 mm

Max. grinding wheel diameter 400 mm

Hole diameter 127 mm

Grinding wheel drive motor 7.5 kw

Hydraulic drive oil tank 280 l

Machine weight 6200 kg

Overall machine dimensions L 4100 mm x w 2400 mm x h 2500 mm

Code 23129

Milling machine RAMBAUDI

mod MS3

rambaudi milling machine mod MS3.png

We offer

Milling machine RAMBAUDI 

mod MS3

Table size 1300 mm x 300 mm 

X axis 950 mm Y axis 270 mm Z axis 415 mm

Spindle taper ISO 40

Rapid feed rates (x/y/z) 2000 m/min

Working range 1300 mm x 300 mm

Horizontal spindle taper ISO 50

Vertical spindle taper ISO 40

Spindle speed 3500 Rpm

Spindle and table distance 15-400 mm min/max

Overall machine dimensions L 1800 mm x w 2000 mm x h 2200 mm
Machine weight 2000 kg

Motor power 6 Kw

cod 23125

Savesi slotting machine


Stozzatrice Savesi mod 200.jpg

we propose

Savesi slotting machine

Mod 200

Tool stroke mm 0-200

Strokes per minute 17 - 60

Ram registration mm 210

Head swing angle +- 45 degrees

Distance between top and head mm 355

code 2343

CAMS slotting machine


stozzatrice C.a.m.s. 200 .jpg

we propose

CAMS slotting machine

Mod 200

Stroke of the tool adjustable from 0 to 200 mm

Distance between column and tool holder mm 350

Light between revolving cross table and head mm 460

Transversal stroke 250 mm 

Through hole in the center of the table 80 mm

code 2336

Rambaudi universal milling machine


Fresatrice Rambaudi mod m3.jpg

we propose

RAMBAUDI universal milling machine

Mod M3

Spindle taper ISO 40

Spindle stroke 150 mm

Work surface  L 1300 mm xl 300 mm

ELBO 3-axis viewer

Ram stroke 550 mm

code 2334

Rettifica tangenziale Stefor 

rta 500

rettifica tangenziale stefor rta 500

We propose

Stefor tangential grinding

Mod. RTA 500

Max transversal length 580 mm

Wheel axis table length 400 mm

X axis 600 mm

Y axis 320 mm

Z axis 350 mm

Wheel speed 2800 rpm

code 2201

Rettifiche tangenziale Rosa

rtrc 1000

rettifica rosa.jpg

We propose

Stefor tangential grinding

Mod. RTRC 1000

Max transversal length 550 mm

Wheel axis table length 1100 mm

X axis 550 mm

Y axis 1100 mm

Z axis 400 mm

Wheel speed 1450 rpm

code 21185

UT Universal Sharpening Machine: MA

 LC 40

Affilatrice Universale UT:MA LC 40

We propose

UT universal sharpening machine: MA

Mod.LC 40

Useful length 500 mm

Max diameter between the tips 250 mm

Max sharpening diameter 150 mm 

Max grinding diameter 180 mm

Speed 3000-6000 rpm

Table surface 890 mm x 170 mm

code 22106

Wide belt sander

1100 mm 

calibratrice levigatrice

We propose

Callibring sander 

Mod.1100 mm

Useful roller length 1100 mm

roller opening 120 mm 

Rubber coated roller 

Current absorption ammeter 

code 22117

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