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konzu srls offers new tools and components for machine tools, blades and slots for bending machines, positioners, readouts for lathes, blades for band saws and optical scales for safety.

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Tools for sheet metal benders

The right choice of blades and dies for sheet metal bending machines can make the difference between a job well done and a poor one. Find out how to choose the right blades and dies for your sheet metal bending machines and get excellent results for every job

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Band saw blades 

The band saw blades we supply offer a sharp and precise cutting experience, suitable for all types of processing. From metalworking to woodworking, our bandsaw blades are designed to ensure a quality cut and efficiency. We have different blade sizes and materials to meet all your cutting needs

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Viewers for lathes and milling machines 

Manage production with precision and speed - Viewers for lathes and mills"
Find out how to optimize your production with our Viewers for lathes and mills. Having a precise vision of your pieces, checking the exact dimensions and carrying out the work efficiently and quickly are the advantages that our products can offer. Furthermore, thanks to the great precision of our Viewers, you will be able to have a vision of the smallest details of your pieces, guaranteeing the high quality of the work performed. Don't wait any longer, choose our products and discover the quality that only we can offer you.

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Digital readouts and positioners for sheet metal shears  

Thanks to the technology of digital viewers and positioners for sheet metal shears, sheet metal cutting will be more precise and faster. These innovative devices provide accurate data in real time, avoiding measurement errors and ensuring maximum accuracy. Find out how these devices can help you make your work more efficient and accurate

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Optical scales for machine tools

The optical scales are offered in various sizes to be installed even in the most modest spaces. The optical reading takes place on a crystal line, which guarantees high thermal stability. The protective shell, in aluminum, is supplied with each rule, and guarantees a considerable protection of the same, from shocks and corrosive agents.

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