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3-axis synchro 50/1500 sheet metal bending machine

Augusta 501500 Synchr sheet metal bending machine

Augusta sheet metal bending machine

Mod 50/1500Synchro
3-axis control (Y1-Y2-X-R)

Recirculating ball rear register

Upper and lower tool in sectors

Front sheet metal support

Compliant machinery  to CE regulations

Sheet metal bending machine_Augusta_501500_Synchro-.png
3-axis synchro 50/1500 sheet metal bending machine
3-axis synchro 50/1500 sheet metal bending machine

Augusta 50/1500 Synchro press brake
Useful folding length 1500 mm
Bending power 50 tons
No. 3 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R)
ESA S 630 CNC control (Italy)
Measurement between uprights 1150 mm
Side recess 295 mm
Measurement distance between strut and table 420 mm
Piston stroke 160 mm
Worktop height 800 mm
Approach speed 200 mm/s
Working speed 9 mm/s
Return speed 180 mm/s
Oil capacity 200 L
Main engine power 5.5 kW
Bosch Rexroth electro-hydraulic proportional valve (Germany) GIVI magnetic scales (Italy)
YASKAWA servomotors
Shneider components
Siemens main engine


EMB Hydraulics (Germany)

German bark and seals

Fractional upper tool

Lower tool

Quick tool change

Front sheet metal support

Mobile pedal board

3-beam Laser safe photocells

Machinery compliant with CE regulations

New machine with warranty

Can be viewed at our associated warehouses

Possibility of transport and logistics throughout Italy and Europe

Available for any information without obligation

N.B. The data reported are not binding and can be modified at the manufacturer's discretion

esa touch screen cnc control

Number of axes: multi-axial

Touch screen


with 4 digital outputs


DSP laser photocells



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