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Fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding machine the perfect solution for precision welding
Achieve the precision of laser welding with our laser welding machine

fibre laser welder.png


MAX 1000W ~ 2000W
CW SINGLE MODULE FIBER LASER is a high power fiber laser with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, compact size, good beam quality and no maintenance. The large fiber core diameter ranges from 100~600um, can be customized from 800um~1000um. Mainly used in metal welding and cladding and other fields such as new energy, 3C, precision machining.

fibre laser welder.png
fibre laser welder.png
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A powerful manual soldering joint, which can realize various light emitting modes such as dot, line, circle, triangle, 8 character and so on.
The handle design makes it ergonomic, light and flexible. The protective lens is easy to replace.

Machinery compliant with regulations 

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